Wasted Away Again- *Slightly Mature Content Ahead*

12 Oct

I’m using a new laptop and the newest Office so please bear with me while I curse new things. Additionally, the color and shading on some of the pics looks weird to me but I don’t know if that’s new laptop related or because pink is hard to photograph or what. Just know that I know and I’m doing the best I can at the moment. Change is not easy. I miss my old laptop. *Sigh*

 If you’re a regular reader, you will recognize part of this next design. If not, shame on you. Haven’t heard of our fame? No? Hmm, we’ll have to work on that, I guess. In the meantime enjoy the saga I call “Conflicted”- making your child’s 21st Birthday cake.

Since I’ve already shown you the Margarita glass cake earlier­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, I’ll concentrate on the flip flop portion of the evening.  You’ll need various supplies along the way which I’ll discuss as we get to them; mostly because I’m too lazy to make a list right now. Dilbert life 5 days a week and all that.

batter in pan compressed

The first thing you’ll need is a 13X9 cake- your choice of flavor.  If you want to be really frustrated, try a new recipe. Perhaps  when you level the uneven beast, you’ll discover what I did:

leveled cake compressed

Yeah, this is gonna be just peachy. Try as dust to boot.  Ever the hardy pioneer, we press onwards. Torte the cake and fill it if you like. Set is aside to settle while you mess with the template.

For the template you will need:

Cardstock (preferred), paper, or waxed paper.

Flip flops


Marking implement such as pen, pencil, marker, white out- you know, whatever’s handy

Trace the flip flop shape onto the cardstock and cut out the template. Yes, you need a right and a left. Otherwise the world will know that you are a freak with two left feet or two right feet or whatever. Cut carefully around the big toe joint area. There’s no need for the guests to know about your bunions.  For those of us who catch on quickly; yes, it’s gross at this point. Hang a sec. We’re gonna fix that. Once the first template is cut out, place it on top of another piece of cardstock and do it again. There- gross factor is all gone. No feety germies left.

 template compressed

Place the template on the top side of the cake and, using the pointed sharp instrument of your choice, carve the cake.

placing template on cake compressed

half carved compressed

carving completed compressed

Hindsight truly being 20/20, realize you should have used a dense cake recipe but once again channel your pioneer ancestors, continuing with the pressing onward stuff.

Crumbcoat the floppers.

crumbcoat compressed

Final coat the flippers.

final coat compressed

Worry and complain about the cake texture and about how the frosting refuses to smooth in 90 degree heat. Worry and complain some more until you give into to “whatever shall be, shall be” and press onward once more by telling yourself that most everyone at a 21st birthday party will probably be less than sober and won’t notice anyway. What about the pictures that will exist unto eternity? Tell them inebriated hands cause bad pictures. Yeah, that’ll work. Onwards, pioneers!

Here’s where fondant enters. You know there had to be fondant somewhere, right? Right. So, fondant waltzes in, pushes aside the buttercream, and takes over the counter. Hello, my friend!

You need 2 strips of fondant for the thong portion of the evening.

fondant strips compressed

I cut mine 18 inches long, AKA way too long; but better too long than too short, right?

Now you need to mark the holes for the thong. You can either eyeball it (guess who did that?) or use the first template to mark it and then transfer those marks to the second, germ free, template. To make the holes, I used the blunt end of a skewer.

thong holes compressed

Yeeeaaah, that final buttercream coat looks bad. The birthday girl doesn’t want much fondant. Dilemma. Say “21st birthday” aloud and move on.

Try on the thong for fit. On the cake, not your foot. Geeze.  Whack off about half of it so it’s the proper length.

thong placed compressed

If you have time and better weather than I had, you can shape the thong for authenticity by letting it dry over a covered paper towel tube.

drying the thong compressed

I did not have the luxury of time. Of course.

Insert the thong into the holes using your fingers, the skewer, or anything else you think will work.  I pinched the ends, meaning not the part that goes between toes (if it were a real shoe), to help with insertion.  Add any other décor as needed/wanted.

All done. Simple, Easy-peasy. Piece o’ cake. Flip flop cake, that is.

flip flop margarita cake completed compressed

One Response to “Wasted Away Again- *Slightly Mature Content Ahead*”

  1. DLeo October 14, 2009 at 12:33 am #

    Love the flip-flops and margarita!! What a great party cake idea. Nice execution. Like the idea to dry the thong in the right 3-D shape. A cool, realistic touch. Keep posting, Chicks, and keep your sense of humor & adventure. The world needs more pioneers.

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