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‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins!

26 Oct

It’s also the season for busy chicks with colds and assorted nastiness dwelling withing our sinuses!  Plus I seem to spend most of my ‘free’ time keeping my son, Crazy, away from all of the Halloween anamatronics we have out.  So forgive the usual tutorial, as I, the Frosting chick, have decided to share with you some cakes of the season that folks have shared with me.  A lot of these look like they were made by home bakers, so don’t expect clean lines and fancy piping, it’s Halloween for ghoulish sakes!  I’ve also thrown in one of my own, see if you can guess which one! And if you happen to know who made any of these scary creations, drop us a line so we can give them props!

First up, grab a plate and a spoon and dig in!


*channeling my best Eddie Murphy* “Dead bird, gonna put it on YOU!!!!!!”


Did grandpa lose something?


Rocky Horror or just horror?


I think I might have dated this guy in high school


Jason seemed a lot scarier in the first flick…


Innards anyone?  There’s plenty….



What’s up, smokers?


They only come out at night!  Now if they can just make it out of the box.





Nothing wrong with a little holiday head


Honey, time to change the litter box


I’m not sure what the hair is made of, but I AM sure I’d never, ever take a bite

really gross

Let’s give ’em all a hand, shall we?



Here Kitty, Kitty!

26 Oct

Sheeee’s popular, sheeeee’s cute, sheeee’s copywrited, she’s Hello Kitty!

Yup, can‘t do Hello Kitty. What you can do is make a Kutie Kitty, not to be confused with the copywrited Hello Kitty. Got it? NOT Hello Kitty. It’s a different bow, so it can’t be. It’s Kutie Kitty. Got it? Got it?

Alrighty, then. Let us proceed to make a Cute Cat Cake.

I’m a slacker at heart, so my kitty starts with a shaped pan you can find here:

bear cake compressed

Using a sturdy cake recipe, make a bear cake. Yup. Bear. Not cat. Bear. S’alright. You’ll see.

Now, in a grown up, cake addicted, adult version of Operating Table, we’re going to perform a lil non-plastic surgery on Mr. Bear ‘cause his whole life he’s really felt like a cat inside. Who are we to stand in his way? All you need for the surgery is a knife and for the kids to be out of the room. Unless you want to traumatize them. If you do, that’s a whole other post on a whole ‘nother blog.

 creating kitty ears compressed

Slice the roundness off the ears by cutting a straight line perpendicular and a straight line horizontally. Don’t know your perp from your vert from your hort? Memorize this song and you’ll never have that prob again:

Wow! Those were the days, huh? I can hardly remember what it was like to be that cool.

crumbcoat kitty compressed

After you’ve run a towel into one ear and out the other to clean those images out, crumb coat the bearcat. This time, keeping the facial details is not important, so slather away at it.

final icing coat kitty compressed

You know the drill: final coat and smooth.

Geez, that song is still playing in my head. I think I’ve aged at least 30 years in the past 1 ½ minutes. Can you believe leggings are back in style? No, you cannot wear them. Remember: if you wore it the first time, you cannot wear it the second time. By the third time, you’ll be so old people will accept your little quirks as age issues, so don’t toss your originals just yet. But I digress….

Where were we? Let’s see: carve, crumb, final. What’s next? Oh, yes! Fonnnnddaaaaannntt!

rolling kitty fondant compressed

The rolling pin (found here: was left in the picture as a guide for you. Okay, I really didn’t think about it at the time, but it is a happy circumstance, isn’t it?  The pin is 20 inches long, for those of you too lazy to click and look right now. Roll your fondant and prepare for launch- onto the cake, of course.

cover with fondant kitty compressed

Cover your kitty (insert your own joke here). Adhere and smooth the fondant to the cake. Ignore that it’s not quite kitty kat shaped. Again, s’alright. Your friends won’t notice. Or coworkers, in this case.

adding kitty details compressed

Begin adding the details. The nose and eyes are ovals, not circles. You can use an oval cutter- or a round one if you’re good at that kind of thing. I’m not. Those things only happen by accident in this kitchen. The bow you add is up to you. Consider your time, skills, and tools at hand and go bow-making-crazy.

Awww, ain’t she adorable? She still needs whiskers. We wouldn’t want her to get her head stuck somewhere because her curb feelers are AWOL. I used 3 long black coffee stirrers cut into halves for my Kutie Kitty. You can try dying spaghetti black or getting string licorice stiff enough if you like. My time, talent, and fear of color bleed kept me firmly on the coffee stirrer path; but hey, you may be superior to me.  😛

The final touch was a dusting of white pearl dust to make her shiny. Every gal needs a little glitter for her big debut.

Red carpet, errrr, office pod- here we come!

finished kitty compressed

Happy B-day, J!

(P.S. I told you it would be alright. When will you learn to trust me? Yeesh, some people. )

Wasted Away Again- *Slightly Mature Content Ahead*

12 Oct

I’m using a new laptop and the newest Office so please bear with me while I curse new things. Additionally, the color and shading on some of the pics looks weird to me but I don’t know if that’s new laptop related or because pink is hard to photograph or what. Just know that I know and I’m doing the best I can at the moment. Change is not easy. I miss my old laptop. *Sigh*

 If you’re a regular reader, you will recognize part of this next design. If not, shame on you. Haven’t heard of our fame? No? Hmm, we’ll have to work on that, I guess. In the meantime enjoy the saga I call “Conflicted”- making your child’s 21st Birthday cake.

Since I’ve already shown you the Margarita glass cake earlier­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, I’ll concentrate on the flip flop portion of the evening.  You’ll need various supplies along the way which I’ll discuss as we get to them; mostly because I’m too lazy to make a list right now. Dilbert life 5 days a week and all that.

batter in pan compressed

The first thing you’ll need is a 13X9 cake- your choice of flavor.  If you want to be really frustrated, try a new recipe. Perhaps  when you level the uneven beast, you’ll discover what I did:

leveled cake compressed

Yeah, this is gonna be just peachy. Try as dust to boot.  Ever the hardy pioneer, we press onwards. Torte the cake and fill it if you like. Set is aside to settle while you mess with the template.

For the template you will need:

Cardstock (preferred), paper, or waxed paper.

Flip flops


Marking implement such as pen, pencil, marker, white out- you know, whatever’s handy

Trace the flip flop shape onto the cardstock and cut out the template. Yes, you need a right and a left. Otherwise the world will know that you are a freak with two left feet or two right feet or whatever. Cut carefully around the big toe joint area. There’s no need for the guests to know about your bunions.  For those of us who catch on quickly; yes, it’s gross at this point. Hang a sec. We’re gonna fix that. Once the first template is cut out, place it on top of another piece of cardstock and do it again. There- gross factor is all gone. No feety germies left.

 template compressed

Place the template on the top side of the cake and, using the pointed sharp instrument of your choice, carve the cake.

placing template on cake compressed

half carved compressed

carving completed compressed

Hindsight truly being 20/20, realize you should have used a dense cake recipe but once again channel your pioneer ancestors, continuing with the pressing onward stuff.

Crumbcoat the floppers.

crumbcoat compressed

Final coat the flippers.

final coat compressed

Worry and complain about the cake texture and about how the frosting refuses to smooth in 90 degree heat. Worry and complain some more until you give into to “whatever shall be, shall be” and press onward once more by telling yourself that most everyone at a 21st birthday party will probably be less than sober and won’t notice anyway. What about the pictures that will exist unto eternity? Tell them inebriated hands cause bad pictures. Yeah, that’ll work. Onwards, pioneers!

Here’s where fondant enters. You know there had to be fondant somewhere, right? Right. So, fondant waltzes in, pushes aside the buttercream, and takes over the counter. Hello, my friend!

You need 2 strips of fondant for the thong portion of the evening.

fondant strips compressed

I cut mine 18 inches long, AKA way too long; but better too long than too short, right?

Now you need to mark the holes for the thong. You can either eyeball it (guess who did that?) or use the first template to mark it and then transfer those marks to the second, germ free, template. To make the holes, I used the blunt end of a skewer.

thong holes compressed

Yeeeaaah, that final buttercream coat looks bad. The birthday girl doesn’t want much fondant. Dilemma. Say “21st birthday” aloud and move on.

Try on the thong for fit. On the cake, not your foot. Geeze.  Whack off about half of it so it’s the proper length.

thong placed compressed

If you have time and better weather than I had, you can shape the thong for authenticity by letting it dry over a covered paper towel tube.

drying the thong compressed

I did not have the luxury of time. Of course.

Insert the thong into the holes using your fingers, the skewer, or anything else you think will work.  I pinched the ends, meaning not the part that goes between toes (if it were a real shoe), to help with insertion.  Add any other décor as needed/wanted.

All done. Simple, Easy-peasy. Piece o’ cake. Flip flop cake, that is.

flip flop margarita cake completed compressed

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

3 Oct

Look what came in the mail!

cake dummies 1 compressed

At long last, the wait is over and the dummies have arrived! No, not your in-laws- cake dummies! I’ve wanted some for what feels like forever and at long last I have some! I read and read and read about them and now I have a set of my own. I know just what to do with them, if only I can remember how to do it. Hmm, better research it again. BRB

 Okay, I think I’m ready but first, you know I have to play with them. C’mon! You know you’d do the same. You would. Really, really would. So there.

cake dummies 2 compressed

How’s that look? Pretty cool, huh? What about this?

cake dummies 3 compressed

Huh. It looks so different when someone else does it. I guess I better quit goofing off and get to work.

I’ve read these are really light so they move around a lot. Therefore, I’m going to be proactive and put a piece of rubber shelf liner underneath, like this:

cake dummies 4 compressed

I made a double batch of royal icing using this recipe:

 Remember to use grease-free utensils, beaters and not a whip, and let it beat a long time on low (at least on low for my mixer). It’s actually simple to make as long as it’s not humid outside. Humidity and royal is the same as humidity and buttercream==bad.

 Now that I have the royal icing made, I’m ready to go. I iced from largest to smallest and stacked them as I finished each one. Don’t do this. Ice the sides of all of them separately and then stack them as you ice the tops of each one. Otherwise, everything will be wobbly the entire time. Keep the wobblies to a minimum and ice them separately. When you get the top of one iced, set the next one on top and it will glue itself together. You can move them if you don’t get it centered the first time, but do it quickly because it’s an almost instant adhesion. Voice of experience speaking. 




 In case you’re curious, George, here’s the amount of royal I had left after icing them:

5 Quart Bowl

5 Quart Bowl

Here’s what it looked like before I smoothed it:

Side A

Side A

Side B

Side B

While B is better than A, both sides still need a lot of work- unless you’re going for the rustic look. So, with Viva in hand, a-smoothing I shall go:

cake dummies 8 compressed

It figures that I’d get the dummies and icing with issues.

This is my life.

 My icing did take a while to dry, which was good. I’d read it dries fast and I was concerned I wouldn’t have time to get it smooth. I had time, just not enough. At least, not enough time for me. From the first spatula full to the last, I spent an hour getting this far and then I could do no more.

 My “Big Plan” was to wait a couple of days for it to harden completely while deciding how to proceed (and hoping it would magically smooth itself in the dark of night). While I was waiting for the frosting fairy to arrive, I was going to make a beaver cake. Beaver the animal, not beaver the…well, let’s just say not that kind of beaver. The one that builds a dam. Never mind. My plan was to make a carved cake while waiting on the dummy to dry.

 Someone else had other plans for me. Sudafed, tissues, antibiotic, fever laden plans. I’ll spare you the details but I will tell you a couple of days turned into a week. Suddenly the last days of summer are past and Fall has now arrived while I’ve been hacking up stuff you don’t wanna know about. Anyway, one week later, I finally find the strength to look at it again and……………..

it looks the same. Drats! Where are those fairies when you need them? All I ever get are the gremlins, never the fairies. *Big Snot Filled Sigh* I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

 My next big decision is to sand it smooth. This will work, right? Sure it will! After consulting with the lil dude, I chose 100 grit sandpaper. I can never remember if sandpaper is rougher the higher the number or the lower. Hmm, let’s see, bad toilet paper is called 80 grit so it must be rougher the lower, therefore 100 it is. Warning: wear an apron for this. If it warm and dry, do it outside. It’s just like sanding spackling. Dust will fly everywhere and you will have royal icing boogers. Wear an apron or old clothes. At least it smells sweet as you sand, unlike spackling. Of course, I’m still hocking loogies and it’s raining, so I stick with my trusty old dining room table.

cake dummies 9 compressed

Did I mention I really stink with spackle and sanding? Twenty minutes of rub-rub-rub and this is what it still looks like. Do you think I can get out the electrical attachment for the sandpaper and have at it? Hmm, prolly not. I bet I’d gouge the Styrofoam ‘cause that’s how I roll. Maybe wiping it down will work?

cake dummies 10 compressed

I guess not. I tried using circular motion with the damp washcloth like I would do when spackling walls, but that stuff doesn’t budge once it’s dry. What to do, what to do?

Stay tuned for more Can This Dummy Be Saved? and PLEASE, people, give me some suggestions. I’m beggin’ ya’. I’m totally lost here. Out of my element. In Royal Wanderland. Help a chick out. Toss me a cake truffle. Something. Anything. For the love of cake, what do I dooooooooooooooooo??????????????

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