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The chicks are whooped!

13 Jul

After a 2 week baking frenzy, with mucho help from a chicklet, the chicks are on a little down time.   One chick had to have a piping bag pulled from her dedicated ‘decorators claw’, and then hightailed it to the beach with chicklet and hubby in tow for a week.  I hope she digs her toes a little deeper in the sand for me.

The Chicks had a booth at the Johnstown OH Farmers Market over the last two weekends, and with exception of a little rain last Saturday, we had a great time.   We debuted a couple of flavors, and if you purchased some, please leave  a comment.  We’d like to know what you’d like to eat!

Once renewed and refreshed, we’ll be posting pictures and a new blog regarding the adventures at the Farmers Market and the Fireman’s Festival.  Stay tuned!

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