To Market, To Market

6 Jul

Our apologies for the lateness of this post. I think you’ll understand and forgive us chicks when you find out why we are so tardy. We try to give you some new info once per week, but some times life gets in the way.

Sounds serious, huh? Actually, an opportunity to play with cakes came along and we just couldn’t resist.  A friend contacted me, trying to drum up some biz for the new farmers market in town. “Why the heck not?” was our thought. So, we were off and baking! And decorating- don’t forget the decorating. And decorating, and decorating, and decorating…. What time is it? 4 a.m.? Should we grab a couple of hours of sleep or hope our poor old bodies will hold up without any? Sleeeep. Dang! Two hours of sleep is darn near worthless. Have you ever noticed that?

How do you do the whole farmers market thingy? It’s fairly simple, actually. You bake a crap ton of food, design your tables and promotional materials, lay out some moolah for your space, and collapse when it’s all over. Confused? Let me show you.

 Bake a Crap Ton of Food

Bake a Crap Ton of Food

Decorate Said Crap Ton

                 Farmers Market Red Rose Cupcakes compressedblack and white cake compressedflag cake compressed

star flag cake compressed

Design Your Tables and Promotional Materials

 cupcake table compressed

[Remember to check how your tables look from the front (Oops!) Check out the Summer Cake Chicklet in mid-yawn. See? Two hours of sleep is not enough even for the younger cakers.]

Farmers Market Cake table compreseed

Sell Your Little Heart Out

Learn Many Lessons

(like you made way too much food for this crowd)

All in all, it was a fun experience that we’re going to repeat for at least one more Saturday. Next time: less food, smaller cakes. Oh! and more sleep. Definitely more sleep. Really gotta work on those time management skills- after we get some sleep.

 Humongous thanks to our families for helping and putting up with mass chaos last week, to everyone who stopped by the table offering encouraging words and advice, to all the lovely customers who purchased something and complimented our hard work, and of course, to our understanding blog readers who patiently waited for an update!

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