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Hello world!

16 May

Welcome to So, this is a blog, huh? I think I can handle this. I suppose the first entry should tell you who we are, and what this blog is supposed to be about. First, who we are (cue violin music): We’re 2 friends who met in middle school (AKA Junior High). Both outcasts, we clung together on the deck of a ship called Home Room and Language Arts. Although normally intelligent in a book smart kind of way, nonetheless we developed a bizarre ritual known- up to this very time- by few. Of those few, most of them will not remember because we cast a spell of forgetfulness upon them. Either that or we’re just easy people to forget. Anyway, every morning, as students were changing classes (we didn’t have to change rooms that period), we would chant a certain commercial. I’m afraid to tell you which one as it will reveal our age. I don’t think the product is even around anymore. Have you ever heard of Baby that away?

I believe I owned that doll. Got her for Christmas. But I digress. We even (gasp!) developed our own banging-on-the-desk hand movements to the tune. Although I can’t quite remember the hand gestures, I do remember the tune: 

Although we lived on the same street, I never knew where she went. At least, I don’t remember knowing. Turns out she moved to the big, bad city. A few years later, we ran across each other in a bowling alley. Betcha didn’t remember that, did you? I was married and a new mom. We were hanging in the pool room with a friend of hubby’s. We briefly talked but our lack of social skills shone bright (I don’t think we had much in common at that time) and we soon parted. Through the magic of the Internet- specifically an alumni board and myspace- we were once again reunited and the rest is history. Or it will be, in about 40 years.

Now we have lots of stuff in common. One of them is food. Specifically, our unnatural adoration of cake. All things cake. Big cakes, little cakes, round cakes, square cakes, fugly cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, cake, cake, cake. She, being the smarter one for the moment, actually took cake decorating courses. I, being less smart and more stubborn, learned on my own.

However, we still need practice. This is where you- and this blog- come in. We want to show you stuff. We’d like your opinion on things. We’d also like to perhaps teach you some things you were heretofore unaware existed or just plain don’t know how to do but always wanted to know. In the process we’re hoping to hone our dual crafts of cake decorating and catering. We’ll probably wander off into tangents at time, so we hope you’ll bear with us. We promise will get back on track in no time. We’ll probably talk about marriage, children, people who suck, how much one of us hates her job, and how the other of us is truly unappreciated in the workplace and `cannot find a decent job. But cake, too. Lots o cake.

(Did ya’ like that segue up there? Did ya’ miss it? I went right from who we are to what the blog is about without you noticing the violins stopped or that the topic had changed. Pretty snazzy, huh? Not bad at all for a first post, not bad at all…. )

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